About JRG Restaurants

It all started when John Johnson was in college. He was bored, and like most 21 year-olds, he thought he was smarter than everyone else. Deciding he wanted to own his own business, he found a little Daylight Donut shop for sale … and that was the beginning of his love of restaurants. He eventually added 32 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream to the menu and changed the name to Granny's Donuts and Ice Cream. But as mom used to say, "You can't just have ice cream for dinner!" So in 1988, he added a grill and a chicken broaster, and that was the beginning of Granny's Diner. Over the next few years he added lots of good homestyle comfort food to the menu, and things really began to take off. In 2000, he built the new retro stainless steel diner across the street from the original location, and expansion was on the horizon. He renamed the restaurant Johnny J's after his childhood nickname, and a Casper favorite was born. Since that time, The Johnson Restaurant Group has expanded to include a second Johnny J's Diner, FireRock Steakhouse and Old Chicago. One thing that hasn't changed is John's commitment to providing delicious food at reasonable prices!